While we want everyone to be able to enjoy and celebrate this day, please be mindful of our right to protect our branding, tenet and the rights of our partners.

BUSINESSES: Go ahead, use our hashtag to celebrate the day BUT...unless you are an official partner, we do not allow ANY BUSINESSES to host events or promotions of any kind (public or social media) using our name and branding without official partnership. This causes unfair competition for our current partners, as well as public confusion and a possible liability for all parties involved. For businesses that choose to ignore our rights and this request, we will be forced to send the matter to our legal team. We do not have an issue with you using our hashtag to celebrate the day with your online followers, as long as you are not promoting a product, service, sales campaign, free giveaway, contest or public event or any other act that has not been approved by our PR Team.


SHELTERS AND RESCUES: We encourage you to host adoption events, both at your facility and online and use our hashtag on social media to celebrate the day. We still require that you contact us prior to planning an event, to ensure you're a valid nonprofit, also to ensure that you do not violate our tenet and cause a liability for us and our partners. We also want the opportunity to promote your pets for adoption through our social media. 

Thank you for understanding and for celebrating!