National Kitten Day was founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Author and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, (who is also the founder of National Cat Day, Dog Day, Puppy Day and more) to celebrate the magic of kittens, highlight the plight of kittens in shelters and to encourage adoption.

Aside from puppies there is nothing more snuggly than a kitten to make even the toughest man let down his guard. Through social media, all year long we're able to partake in the wonderful world of kittens.... but on June 10th....it's time to celebrate the global overdosing of cute kitten photos, as well as to help spread the word about spaying and neutering and kitten adoption. So if you can....ADOPT....don't shop. Estimates reveal that there are approximately 4 million cats entering shelters every year with 1-2 million being euthanized. Kittens lower blood pressure and make you laugh...so what could be better than that? 

Please remember to spay & neuter your pets!